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Schools and Colleges

You have a large area of unutilised rooftop space and your load peaks during daytime when you get the most solar power – but there is very little load during vacations and you require a great deal of hot water. Rooftop solar power Rooftop solar power can meet up to 25% of a college’s electricity requirements in India If your institution consumes a lot of diesel for power generation, rooftop solar can abate up to 15% of your diesel bills, subject to timing of load shedding. Students gain practical, hands on knowledge of solar plants.

Social Sector Buildings:

Community centres, welfare homes, old age homes, orphanages, common service centres, common workshop for artisans or craftsman, facilities used for the community. Trusts/NGO/Voluntary organizations/ training institutes, any other establishments for common public use, have subsidy from MNRE and financial support from Banks.