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About Us

Axis Solar has been launched with a specific focus towards helping willing individuals learn how they can adopt clean energy, save money and protect the environment. Solar today is cheaper than regular power in most of India but the initial costs are high and customers aren’t always sure of what they will get for the money they have invested. The lack-of- information induced risks make it a really difficult decision for even the most environmentally conscious individual.

Axis Solar is making it easy for anyone to go solar by providing essential features like transparent pricing, demo- able products, easy financing and strong service support to the customers and in a short time of 3 years installed Axis Solar Power Plants at many locations.

The  company  is based upon eco-friendly nature so company creates own identity in the market of green and clean energy and  company also helps in  establishing green revolutions on our planet and to carry brighter and energetic sunrays to human life by  using the natural sources of energy and minimizing the use of conventional fuels.

Company plays vital role in cost control and saving energy through the solar equipment’s.


To establish India as a global leader in solar energy.

To improve morals and good public relation.

To create awareness with respect to renewable energy sources on earth.